She’s here! My new book Finding Inner Peas has been BORN!!! You can find her at Balboa Press or on Amazon. Please leave a review after you purchase and read!!!

“The reproductive endocrinologist giggled that my cervix looked like a smiley face (and offered to let my husband see ‘how cute’ it was). Feet in the stirrups, I suddenly realized that the book I’d been searching for would have to be one I wrote myself.” The day an adorably pregnant gynecologist sighs about the summer heat in one breath and then suggests you might need help getting pregnant in the next, the road to having your baby suddenly stretches out before you, cartoon-style. The camera zooms in on your stunned face while your periphery goes blurry and you finally answer, “Wait. Are you talking to me?” With hilarious relatability and a bit of irreverence, Finding Inner Peas tells one story of the emotional journey that more than 20 percent of women take every year. Erin Salem covers everything from deciding to try for a baby, to infertility treatments, to googling everything during a high-risk pregnancy (and earning a Google Medical degree, all while crying on the floor). A witty, honest, and engaging account of infertility and high-risk pregnancy with an ending full of hope, Finding Inner Peas is the book so many women need.

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