Fix It

I don’t know if your husband/wife/partner/roommate/significant other does this, but I am constantly trying to figure out what to do with stacks and stacks of mail, statements, coupons, cards, letters, general odds and ends that are lying around everywhere, hoping to magically find a home.Do my countertops and tabletops automatically send invitations to everyone in my house for Clutter Parties when I finally get them cleared off? I guess they don’t feel like they’re fulfilling their life’s work if they aren’t littered with crap?
I’ve asked kindly. I’ve reminded. I’ve tried the your basket/my basket method. You know: I put all the stuff that accumulates into a box or basket and everyone is responsible for cleaning out their own baskets. This just resulted in buying more baskets…
So I tried this method last week:









Guess what?









I don’t understand why this method worked, and I’m certainly not relying on it working again, but what a miracle this day proved to be.
Just passing it along in case it works at your house, too.

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