Party in my Pan

I love the smell of meat cooking in my kitchen.
And before all you vegetarians and vegans in the back raise your hands, I eat responsibly raised meat. Grass-fed, cage-free, no hormones, all that green jazz. I really do believe that if we’re going to eat animals that the least we can do is give them dignified lives (and deaths). And yes, I do think I could hunt and clean my own game if given the opportunity. Although I did just watch the Hunger Games…
One of my favorite (and most simple) dinners is meat-stuffed vegetables. You can go crazy and hollow out zucchini, or you can just cut the top off of a pepper. This week, acorn squash was on sale, so I cut one in half and popped it in the oven at about 355. Then, I started with some lovely grass-fed ground beef. (Seriously, if you’ve never tried grass-fed beef it’s DELICIOUS. Sweeter.) I tossed it in a skillet with some olive oil and garlic. A little salt and pepper and it did its thing.
I finely chopped a big hunk of kale and introduced it to it’s new best friend. It said thank you. Throw in whatever veggies you have on hand. They’ll say thank you, too. I added in some brown rice for good measure. I’m not sure what “for good measure” means in this statement, but it was delicious.
Hi. I’m kale. Sittin’ on meat.
I toasted some pine nuts because I have an abundance of them in the fridge. Again, toast up whatever nuts you’ve got around. (I know. Laugh, husband. I said nuts. But I said toast first.) Except peanuts. That wouldn’t be good. Unless of course you add soy sauce and Sriracha…that’s another blog.
The pine nuts joined the party in my pan.
I took the squash out of the oven and put a lovely pad of butter on each half. Then I filled it up with my meat mixture. And I have enough meat to use for a wrap tomorrow!
Delicious, nutritious, meat-stuffed vegetable.
Speaking of tomorrow, Abe has school. I am constantly on the hunt for lunch ideas that don’t, A. Come in a box or, B. Take me more then 5 minutes to make. Ahhh, the plight of a housewife in the new century.
I have discovered muffin tins. These little beauties make EVERYTHING easy to pop in a tupperware and pack up. I make 9-12 different “muffins” every week for Abe. Then, come breakfast time or lunch-packing time, I don’t even have to think. Here’s one I made this week.
Four eggs, a handful of finely chopped kale, half of a sweet potato grated, and a few tablespoons of flaxseed meal. I mixed it all up in a bowl. See?
Then I filled up a few muffin tins, popped them in the oven at around 350 and came back 15-20 minutes later. Taaadaaa! Breakfast for a week!
Hey ya’ll! We’re breakfast!

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