Results – Round 1 (PCOS) and a COMMIT Update

A lot of moms/future-moms have contacted me since I started sharing info about my most recent travels into the depths of my PCOS and how to “cure” it with food and supplements instead of $8,000 worth of shots and hormones (though I do really like Abe). I’ve been communicating with tons of moms about what my nutritionist has been telling me to do and so I want to reiterate that these treatments and results are specific to ME. PCOS is not a disease but rather a group of symptoms that we use to diagnose infertility and give a name, but it’s completely different for everyone.
So I did the spit and poop test. It was possibly the most confusing, frustrating, and disgusting “test” I’ve ever taken. Each one required that I eat/drink and not eat/drink very specific and different things. And because the tests had to overlap (3 days for the poop, 1 for the spit), I couldn’t remember what I should be consuming and what I shouldn’t on different days. It took me almost 2 weeks to get it right, which sounds ridiculous, but after slugging one lowly little vitamin during the blur of an evening’s chaos, I had to put the test off 5 more days until it was completely out of my system. Considering caffeine was on the list of no-no’s, it was a long 2 weeks. LONG. And if you’ve never had to poop onto a piece of syran wrap and then fish it into a skinny little tube, well, how nice for you.
My nutritionist just got the results back today but doesn’t have an open appointment until the middle of February. All he said was, “It’s going to take us a full hour to get through the results. There is a ton of great stuff in here.” Killing me. Can’t wait to find out.
In the mean time, let me tell you my results eating gluten-free and taking the supplements. Having never, ever in my entire life


(unless I was on birth control pills, which I will NEVER take again) had a normal period, that was my goal #1. Sometimes I would get 3 a year total. My husband liked this for obvious reasons. However, as a woman hearing other women complain about cramps or about feeling bitchy, I used to chime in with, “Oh I hear ya,” or, “Yeah, aren’t’ they terrible?” really having no idea what it was all about. The one thing that makes me a girl I’ve never had and always wished I did, even if it meant cramps and crazies. In 3 months of eating no gluten (except for the holidays) and religiously taking my supplements, I’ve had 3 periods. That’s never happened in my entire life. NEVER. I don’t even have test results back yet and we’re already on to something. My chiropractor always tells me the body can heal itself and I’m really starting to believe her.
Note: Husbands aren’t ever going to be as thrilled as we want them to be when you call them at work and announce that you got your period.
And in other news, the Commit Challenge has taken my blog by storm. I’ve gotten tons of responses from women about how they’ve chosen to change one thing during their day and truly commit to where they are in life. Mine was taking a shower every morning and keeping a to-do list in the kitchen. So, if you’ve committed and made a change in your life, would you mind sharing it? My changes might not work for everyone (some gals are already taking showers, imagine that?) so I’d love to know what’s working for you!


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  1. Kasey Bealer
    January 25, 2012 at 11:13 am (7 years ago)

    After reading your commit blog I thought, “she’s right”! i need to stop making excuses! My husband is usually on morning duty with our 14 month old son, Woody. I have mentioned countless times that I’d like to go to the gym and I envy people that can do during the day because they have someone to watch their kids. He has suggested that if I want to go that the best time for both of us would be first thing in the morning. I really enjoy the extra 30 minutes of either sleeping in or just laying in bed all by myself before I have to change into “mommy mode”. so I was not crazy about the idea. However, over the last week I have gotten up around 6:30, put on my workout clothes and hit the gym! I actually look forward to it even though it’s only been a few days! I’m 16 weeks pregnant now and I have a goal to get myself in shape for labor and so that I will be in the habit of working out so it won’t be so hard to establish a routine after the baby is born! Your blog inspired me to get up and get motivated! Plus, I usually hit the shower right when I get home – so I get a workout and a hot, relaxing uninterrupted shower!!! Thanks Erin!!!


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