I’m That Friend

I traveled Tuesday-Thursday, which means I had no idea what day it was for even one single day this week. I only just realized it’s Friday.

I was thinking on one of the plane rides about what kind of friend I am, mainly because I am so blessed to have so many friends who check on me. I was only traveling for three days, and on the third day I had five text messages checking in on me.
“Hey, are you home yet?”
“You get back safely?”
“Let me know when you get in!”
635959413922308181-1923414383_doryI thought to myself, Self. I fail to remember most major holidays until they’re a week away. How do my friends remember things like my birthday, my anniversary, and the day I’m arriving home from a three-day work trip??
I started feeling like a shitty friend. I don’t buy birthday presents. If I do, I never get a birthday card. I’m terrible at doing nice little things for people like, “I saw this and thought of you so I just had to get it!” I see something in the store and think, “Aw, that reminds me of Allison. She should buy that.”

So, what kind of friend am I? I couldn’t really think of any qualities that make me a good friend until, about three hours before I was due to land back home in Jacksonville, I realized I’d forgotten to schedule myself a ride home from the airport. (Remember when I mentioned before about the whole major holiday thing?) I texted my girlfriend O during my layover in Nashville.
“Hey. You can’t pick me up at the airport at 2, can you?”
“Sure! I’ll work it out. Just text me when you’re taking off so I know you’re on time.”
Just like that, I had a ride.
Would I do that?
Yes. A HA! Yes, I would be that friend who can show up in a bind. I’m the friend who takes your frantic phone call when you need to vent and cry. I’m the friend who responds to your long email with an even longer email. I’m that friend who will play voicemail tag for two years if that’s what it takes, and I won’t care. I will not plan your bridal shower and I will probably forget what day the birthday party I RSVPd “yes” to until the day before. But if you text me, “I need you,” you better believe I’m there. Hands down.

I can work on those other qualities. For sure. But more importantly I’m working on liking and acknowledging the parts of myself that I already know are great. I’m a really good friend. I didn’t remember the wine I told you I was bringing, but I sat at your kitchen table and listened until 2 in the morning because that’s what you needed.
What makes you a good friend? Hint: the traits that make you a good friend probably come the easiest to you. Pat yourself on the back for those!

My ride showed up 10 minutes after I landed and then she went to bootcamp with me. I love her for that. She also consoled me when I found out we lost sweet Alanna this afternoon. Her battle with cancer has ended and now she gets to fly like the glittery angel she’s always been. Talk about a good friend…her Facebook page (hell, my whole feed!) is littered with pictures of her and love for her. Anyway, I thought you should know she cheersing Noel on the other side tonight. Leaving behind the legacy of “amazing friend” is about all anyone could ever ask for.

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