money-flying-awayA month ago I discovered a big pile of water in my garage. We determined it was coming from the wall in the corner that contains the hot water, AC unit, and washer/dryer just on the other side of the wall. It took three contractors, one leak inspector, and a water mitigation company to determine that it was the air conditioning unit backing up.
A week ago, when everything was “fixed”, my mother and I turned on my washing machine and, as soon as the water began to empty out of it, water began pouring out of the exposed pipe in the wall.
“Oh. The drain pipe in the wall has a leak in it…”
All these people appear to have completely overlooked the BIGGEST PIPE IN THE WALL NEAREST TO THE PILE OF WATER.
I had to call a plumber to fix the pipe and now we have to pay to have the wall put back together. Bear’s truck went into the shop for routine maintenance last week and it came out with a nearly $1,000 bill. My dog ate my $500 bite guard. My car insurance is due. Quarterly taxes are due. Oh, and I’m trying to plan a wedding…
Sometimes I feel like the only person in the world who has a job, whose partner has a (GOOD!) job, and who still looks at the bank account and thinks, Will I ever be able to retire to the Caribbean at this rate?! We are so, so, so, so blessed! We have a house! We have cars! We have health insurance! And yet, I get so incredibly frustrated that we’re not finding a surplus at the end of each month because LIFE KEEPS HAPPENING!!!
Then, I watched Cheryl Strayed on Super Soul Sunday.
Did you know that on the way to her first appearance on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, Cheryl Strayed purchased a new outfit at the thrift shop nearby? Why did she do that? Because her and her husband’s rent check bounced that month.
Her book, Wild, was already on the New York Time’s Best Seller list. It took her two years to write it. Her husband was a documentary filmmaker. They’d been married a solid amount of time with two kids and they often had to sell books to the used book store to buy groceries.


Like everything else, I look around and figured everyone else has it figured out. We bought a modest house, we only have one car payment, we don’t have debt (aside from my student loans, which can suck it). I just assume that we are the only ones who SHOULD be able to go on vacation once a month and can’t. But Cheryl Strayed bounced her rent check. She wrote a best selling book and still had to wait almost a year to see anything from that big win. And it took YEARS and YEARS before THAT of her writing consistently and trying to get published and being broke and doing things for free. And here I’m getting impatient…

So we’ll rebuild the damn laundry room and get the truck fixed. I had new impressions of my teeth done last week for my bite guard (yes, I tried the little plastic ones from Walgreens, they didn’t work). I paid my car insurance and my taxes and my cell phone bill, Bear paid the rest of our bills and our surprise bills and made sure our kids were taken care of with food and new shoes because WHY DO THEIR FEET KEEP GROWING, and I sold some stuff in our house so I didn’t have to worry about taking myself to dinner on Friday. And I’ll just keep trusting that eventually life will slow down for a month or two and we will be able to set money aside, treat ourselves, treat our kids, and relax.

At least I’m saving money on all that alcohol…

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