Don’t It Always Seem to Go…


That’s my dryer, Doyle. In the living room. Waiting to go back to his home…

It’s been three weeks since I’ve used my washer and dryer. In our old house, my washer was in the garage. This meant I had to scale sharp tools, random rusty nails, and piles of cornhole bags in order wash our underwear. It’s was a perilous event 2-3 times a week. I have a scar, an actual scar, from tripping over an open cooler and stabbing my ankle with a pointy piece of wood…just trying to do a load of towels.

But in December, when we bought our dream home, it came with…a laundry room. A real-life, inside my house, laundry room. We put up shelves, hooks, places to hang things. All of it inside, no OSHA certification required. We bought a BRAND NEW washer and dryer on Black Friday and after a few mild plumbing issues, I began to wash everything anytime I wanted to without fear or physical injury or mental breakdown.

Until. The leak of 2016.

First, it was a plumbing leak. Then the plumber said there was mold in the wall so he couldn’t fix the leak until the mold was treated. A company has had fans and air scrubbers and dehumidifies on our property for a week and a half. They covered my beautiful laundry room in plastic. Like Dexter. That company said it was the AC unit leaking. The AC guy came and said no, the AC line is fine. Another plumber came back and reconfirmed it was the AC, but only after tearing my walls in my precious laundry room apart and removing all the insulation. The fans are still here. Some mold guy came and tested the air today. Oh, and the homeowners insurance still doesn’t really seem to return my calls anymore.

During this mess, there is a light at the end of the tunnel…a little place called Fluff and Fold. Have you heard of this miracle business? All you do is bring your dirty laundry in a big basket and then…they wash it. They wash it for you. And when I trusted Bear after he assured me it was safe and cleanly and worth the money ($.65/pound), I did it. I dropped off our clothes. It cost about $20, and I had to pay up front. I got a little nervous when they told me it would take 2 days. A lot can happen in 2 days. But I left my favorite tank top, Abe’s favorite tshirt, and all of Bear’s socks at the Fluff and Fold.
Two days later…
All of my clothes. All of them. Clean. Smell-good. Folded by category. And placed in CLEAR PLASTIC BAGS. My underwear was in perfect squares. My life…changed.
Fluff and Fold.
It’s everything.
I called Bear and suggested we consider selling the washer and dryer altogether and just using the Fluff and Fold once a week. Forever. He has suggested this is not a great idea…

So here I sit, my second load of laundry at the Fluff and Fold, holes in my walls, a perfectly functioning AC unit, no leaking pipes, fans running. When does this end? I can’t say.
Also, I ate most of a chocolate cake tonight.

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