Hey. You’re In a River. Flow.

This idea of being in flow with life is CONSTANTLY coming up for me this month. A recent episode of Super Soul Sunday, a TEDtalk, speeches given by CEOs and others by pastors…it’s been mentioned everywhere! “The flow.” It’s moving with life, co-creating with God, feeling the pull, however you want to describe it. And when you fall OUT of your flow, you know it.

When I’m personally out of flow, I feel fear. Other people have different red flags: extreme anger, addiction (alcohol, work, porn, shopping, etc.), and sometimes acute depression. Those are all basically God’s/The Universe’s/Life’s way of saying, “Hey. You’re in a river and you’re swimming in the wrong direction. You’re swimming against the current. You know how I know? Because you’re not going anywhere, you feel like shit, and nothing’s changing.”
That’s not to say that being IN flow is without its frustration. People will think you’re CRAZY for doing what you’re doing, or you’ll feel totally out of your comfort zone, but you’ll still be flowing. You’ll still have drive, direction, and that intuition that you’re doing the right thing.

Flow changes, too. You can head in one direction for a while and suddenly, that thing you’ve ALWAYS done that ALWAYS worked doesn’t work anymore. The flow changes when it’s time for you to grow or when it’s time for something in your life to adapt. What’s important is when you notice the flow changing and go with it. People spend YEARS fighting against a change in the flow of life, only to eventually be FORCED into the change (and it usually ain’t pretty).

Going with the flow can literally mean destroying what you know to be true. In the moment you accept one of life’s changes it can feel like a death! A divorce, a move, a job lost, a friendship ending…it’s awful! But if it’s a natural part of the flow of your life, and that pain will end. (I promise. I know.) The pain of continuing to try and force life to go in the direction you want is far worse than the pain of letting things naturally end and begin again.

Flow. I’m trying to get into a new flow right now. I can feel life changing, I can feel the call to try something new. I’m not completely sure what it is yet, so I’m just trying new things and listening. It’s exciting! Kind of terrifying. But mostly exciting!
So, my question to you is, where are you going against the flow of life? Is there a new flow nagging at you??

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