Somebody Needs This


I saw this today and I knew someone else needed to see it.

Since the day I started trying to get pregnant with my son, I’ve been blogging. I have shared my wins, my losses, and my ridiculously embarrassing situations. Because of that? A lot of moms email me.
A lot.
Why do they write me? It’s not because they think I know things they don’t. It’s because I know things they know too, and I admit them. I admit that I have taken anti-depressants and a dance class and I tried formula-feeding Abe and I went to therapy and I cried and I was really angry sometimes…For years, I’ve admitted that I’m a whole human wife, mom, divorcee, and now step-mom in a blended family who is trying to make sense and be OK.

Being a dad and providing for a family is really hard and stressful. Being a mom and holding a family together is a life-force.
It’s everything.
On top of being everything, you have to tell everyone else in your family how they’re everything to you, too. The heartbeat of your family starts with you. And your family¬†generally reciprocates by leaving dishes on tables and dirty clothes on the floor and by forgetting the ONE thing you asked them to remember.

Which means you have to be everything to you, as well.

Is it fair? Not always. But my girl Oprah says, “Stress is resisting what is.” This is what being a mom and wife is; full of love, kinda messy, lonely sometimes, hilarious, exciting, exhausting…everything. So be everything to you starting right now.

This blog tonight is for the mom who knows she needs the zoloft or that pedicure or the dance class or the angry outburst or the bag of tootsie rolls. Take the nap. Get the help.
Stop judging yourself.
Stop judging each other.
Don’t even look at other moms.
Look at yourself, in the mirror, and ask yourself what you need.
Unless the answer is illicit street drugs or physical violence, then you should give yourself what you need. Starting now.

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  1. Christina Lindsay
    February 26, 2016 at 1:32 am (3 years ago)

    Define illicit…


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