My amazing Bear gave me an incredible Valentine’s Day. I don’t want to make you jealous or anything, but instead of doing something cliche and typical like jewelry or a beautiful card or poetry or an amazing weekend getaway…he took me to my mom’s house.
And together, we resurfaced her swimming pool.
Now, truth be told, I kinda got us into this. Last year my mom became concerned when big dark areas of her pool appeared from the depths below. Bear pointed out all that was happening was the paint and some marcite had worn off over 25 years, and it was a fairly easy fix. Get a submersible pump, empty the pool completely, wash it with a soft bleach, scrub it, apply muriatic acid, let it dry, apply fixes and two full coats of pool paint with 5-8 hours drying time in between, and then apply touch-ups as needed so as to avoid blistering upon refilling the pool. Et viola.
You know. Simple.
When Bear sounded so smart explaining this and looking so mighty and strong, I suggested that HE do the work. For free!! BECAUSE FAMILY!!!!
My mother agreed and Bear was officially volunteered to completely refinish her swimming pool. Yaaaaaay!
The trick was finding a weekend with no rain and temperatures above 50 degrees. Because you can’t resurface a pool while it’s raining and the weather was particular to the product he was applying.
We live in South Florida. Do you know how often it doesn’t rain in the afternoons in South Florida? NEVER.
I did some research, followed the weather patterns, and suggested that February 12 had the right temperature, the right weather patterns, and a low chance of rain. It’s just that when I made that commitment I realized, oh. Hey. Hi. That’s Valentine’s Day Weekend. And I just signed us up for hard labor.
12722310_10154567915159829_1742751852_oWe did it, though! I took a nap and did some work while Bear did the first parts I couldn’t help with. Eventually he got to the kindergarden level of construction that I could help with, so I grabbed a paint brush and jumped in! Well. I didn’t jump in. The pool was empty so I gingerly took the stairs. And stopped to eat cookie dough a few times…But we did it! We finished it! And it looks awesome!

After a long day at work Monday, I suggested we go see a movie. A fun Valentine’s Day movie! Something romantic. Something funny! A ROM-COM! We could do a Make-Up Valentine’s Day! We would go to a restaurant of his choice and then together hold hands and watch two people fall in love and face peril and desperately try and get back to one another.

“You know. I heard Deadpool was good,” he said after a discussion about all the romantic movies.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is where we witness the payback. You make me do back-breaking labor over Valentine’s Day weekend? I make you watch a 90-minute long sex joke with a crap-ton of gratuitous violence for Make-Up Valentine’s Day.
Well done, Bear. Well done.
(It wasn’t a HORRIBLE movie.)
So for every single person I saw posting sarcastic memes about being single while everyone else was having romantic weekends, take note. Sometimes you’ve gotta resurface your mom’s swimming pool before you watch one-million dick-jokes with your future husband for Valentine’s Day. And that’s real life, y’all.

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