Anyway you all know where this is going… (Part 1)

About two months ago, my amazing sister-in-law suggested that the boys and me head up to their house on the TVA Lakes for Labor Day weekend, sort of a late birthday celebration for me. I IMMEDIATELY said yes because my brother and his wife are the two coolest people I know. For realz, the coolest. Like, they say the “f” word sometimes right in front of other people!

Then about a month ago I decided that I was too overwhelmed and there was no way I could handle Abe’s birthday, my birthday, and then a road trip to Tennessee where they live. Because one of my favorite things to do is cancel plans…
This is one of the many reasons why Bear is in my life. He scoffed at the mere suggestion we might not go.

Last week I celebrated my 34th birthday and then began FEVERISHLY packing for Bear, Abe, and Bear’s Son, who I guess at this point we’ll call Cubby (he’s 11). I would pack Wednesday and Thursday and we would get on the road VERY early in the morning on Friday while the boys were still asleep. I thought of EVERYTHING. Band aids. Extra socks. Sunscreen. Life jackets. New tires put on the truck. I made lists of what would be packed Thursday evening and what we would need out until the moment we left. Sticky notes were everywhere. Neighbors were alerted. Dogs were cared for. Lawn was mowed. This thing would go off without a HITCH.

Anyway you all know where this is going…

11947510_10205827758506857_841555474573426308_nWednesday evening, I received a text message of an x-ray. The x-ray was of Cubby’s arm. And IN Cubby’s arm was…a BB. From a BB-gun. Because his older brother had shot him at point-blank range by accident while they were doing homework at Cubby’s mom’s house. We were meant to pick him up Thursday but instead, Bear met them at the ER Wednesday night where a lovely doctor removed the BB from Cubby’s arm, applied two stitches, and sent him home in socks with little packets of antibiotic ointment.
This meant that Thursday, Cubby would be home with me since he was up too late to go back to school. And on that Thursday, a day I was going to finish up a few projects and leisurely pack 1100 sandwiches so no one suggested we stop at McDonald’s, I got word that a huge glitch in the website of one of my jobs meant that I’d not been receiving emails. So Cubby had to go to work with Bear and I had over 100 emails to sift through, answer, and forward to the appropriate places. In between trips to the pharmacy to get emergency antibiotics/waterproof bandaids for Cubby and the grocery store to pick up last minute HEALTHY road snacks, I apologized profusely to many, many people for the delay in my response to their very-important needs.

Eventually, though, we got through the day and both boys were in their beds Thursday night. All the bags were packed. Eight sandwiches, two bags of snacks, and four water bottles were ready. Bear loaded the truck, and everything was set for a 4:00am departure. This meant 3 hours of sleeping kids during an 8-hour drive, which is the equivalent to your dash board turning into a million dollar Vegas slot machine that pays out through the AC vents with every acceleration…Priceless.
Until about 5am…

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