imagesI learned something awesome from my ex-father-in-law once. He said, “I never make a decision when I feel rushed.” It’s advice that stuck with me. Too many times to count since then I’ve felt someone pressuring me into a decision and instead of panicking, I slowed down. I paused. And sometimes while I was paused and thinking, the decision sorted itself out.

I heard a sermon this week from Pastor Furtick and in it, he mentioned the difference between the push and the pull. The push is the rush. It’s the thing that wants you to make a decision RIGHT NOW. It’s the thing that APPEARS to be an emergency. And it may be an emergency, but it’s usually someone else’s emergency; not yours.
On the other hand, the pull is the experience of knowing. It’s not always a pull towards something you WANT to do, towards your first choice, but you know somewhere deep inside that it’s what you need to do. The pull doesn’t always make sense. It may seem like you’re turning your back on something very important or extreme. Usually, though, it doesn’t turn out that way.
The pull is the gut feeling and the push is the outside pressure. I don’t want to get on the elevator alone with that guy but I don’t want to seem rude. The pull is that thing that tells you that you should become a writer even though you have a neuro-physics degree (that someone pushed you into getting). I’m not entirely sure that neuro-physics is a thing, but my point is that we all know the difference between between pressure and divine guidance. It’s just that we all think that little voice only comes along every once in a while for really big decisions.
The other day when I was leaving the gym and I decided I’d run by the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. I felt a pull. “Don’t go to CVS right now.” I looked around. There was no rain. No SWAT team raid on the building. Parking spots were everywhere, even in the shade.
I’m going in. There’s no reason not to.
I walked back to the pharmacy. It was not being robbed.
People were working there. I don’t know what that pull was about, but it was wrong.
“Hi! I need to pick up a prescription…”
“Oh, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, our computers are down. They should be back up in a few hours but we have been on the line all day waiting to find out when it would be fixed. Again, I am so sorry.”
“Not a problem!”
Sooooo, that was why.
The pull can be anything. It can keep you from danger and from inconvenience. It can lead you towards a sunshinier day or abundance beyond your wildest imagination. Pay attention to the pull. Trust the pull. And ignore all the pushers.

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