Like What You Like

like2_sOne of my favorite things about yoga is that you can literally do ANYTHING and still say you did yoga. You can sit in child’s pose for an hour and still say you did it. Your yogi might call downward facing dog into warrior one, but you decide to stay in downward facing dog and just cycle your knees for a while. The point is that yoga is about listening to your body and doing what you feel like doing…as long as you do that, you’re doing it right.

The other morning in yoga, our teacher reminded us to do what felt good in each position. “Do what you like,” she said. And then she added, “And like what you like.”

I immediately started thinking about all the times I didn’t do what I liked because I felt like someone else might not like it, maybe what I like is selfish, or what I like isn’t good for me. I make a lot of excuses for not doing what I like to do. But I think here in this past year that is starting to change.

Here’s one: I love to get my hair done. I love getting it cut, colored, conditioned, blown out, anything. Hair has always been my favorite way to “decorate” my body. My hair is like a barometer for how my life is going. If it’s coifed and clean and recently trimmed, I’m paying attention to myself keeping myself on the list. If it’s dull and in a pony tail, I’m probably not taking care of me in any area of life. But for whatever reason, I’m embarrassed to admit that paying attention to my hair is something I LIKE to do.
I also like Chex Mix cereal, going to Walmart or Target (whichever is closer), and using coupons to go out to lunch. I like snugging my dogs ON the bed and I like going to Starbucks to buy a cup of coffee even though I have a coffee pot at home. I like using re-usable grocery bags and I like writing my blog. I like going to yoga every morning. I like organizing and re-organizing everything I own. I like writing in a journal next to a lit candle and I like texting my friends all day long even though it would be easier to just call them. I like really expensive sushi.

What do you like? And do you let yourself like what you like? Obviously these things can’t be hurting your or anyone else in order for them to be appropriate for this little “Like What You Like” catchphrase. But I challenge you to start regularly asking yourself, “What would I like right now? What would I like to eat, to do, to read, to see?” Moms (and dads!) tend to FORGET what they like in favor of whatever everyone else likes. It doesn’t mean you’ll ALWAYS get what you like, but it gets you in the habit of at least paying attention to what you like!


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