Gotta Work on that Judging Books Thing…

Bear and I brought the money raised by friends and family to the lovely people who found and cared for our Bella. And let me tell you…it was a lesson in never judge a book…

IMG_0419 (1)When Bear showed me the house, it was modest at best. The cars were mid-class and the back yard looked like it needed some help. I’m not sure what I was expecting when I rang the doorbell, which literally sounded like a school bell. When she opened the door, I saw a line of children sitting in the living room and another sitting at a piano. “She” is Carrie (not her real name). Carrie, if taken out of that house and placed in a Whole Foods or a Nordstroms, looked as if she could be a soccer mom living out at the beach. Adorable, gorgeous smile, perfectly put together, clean-cut, and very personable. Carrie greeted us with a huge hello, so VERY surprised to see us. She immediately invited us in as we began thanking her and handing her the envelope. I told her we didn’t need to stay long, and she explained she was a piano teacher in the middle of lessons. “These are the people who own the dog we found,” she announced to the kids in the living, and to her daughter who walked in from school while we were standing in her living room. “Is she ok? Can she lie down now?”
“She can. She’s getting better and better everyday,” I told her. “And that envelope is a thank you from a lot of people who love Bella.”
“What?! Oh wow, thank you!” (She was surprised, but I know that after we left and she opened that envelope with her husband in private…she was REALLY surprised. There’s no way she could have guessed how much was in there, I don’t think!)
“Thank you,” I told her. “Honestly, Bella is like one of our kids. We love her so much. Thank you for calling us and keeping her safe.”
“You are so welcome,” Carrie smiled.
We quickly said our goodbyes as it was clear that hanging out much longer would interrupt her piano schedule. We didn’t even get a picture with her. We walked back to the car and I said, “I never would have guessed…” and Bear interrupted me. “I know. You really can’t judge a book.”

I started thinking about all the other houses I see, neighborhoods I drive through, assuming I know who and what kind of people live inside. But for heaven’s sake, most of the time I look like I just rolled out of bed or was very recently homeless. I can only imagine what people think of me when I decide to go grocery shopping after hot power yoga. It’s shameful, but I make knee-jerk reactions about where people live or how they dress. And I’m sure they make them about me. Carrie made me think that I might be better-served actually getting to know people or having no judgement at all, which is DEFINITELY going to take conscious thought. I mean honestly…I make a lot of judgements based on how people look or live. And I want to stop doing that.

Tonight I hope that Carrie and her husband were excited and surprised to see the money we all helped raise. I do hope it helps them do something nice for themselves. And I’m kinda glad for the little lesson that I got out of it, too.

In other news, tomorrow morning is surgery day. I have to get to the hospital at 4:30am (ugh) as I am the first surgery of the day. If all goes well in surgery, if I wake up and answer questions like who is the president? and what year is it?, then I’ll be good to go home by lunch. Fingers crossed for a smooth, simple screw-removal and a swift bone-fusing couple of months!


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