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sameness-741394The message comes in lots of different forms, but it hasn’t changed in almost two months.

First my kundalini yoga teacher helped us meditate on keeping a daily practice that is the exact same every damn day. Choosing one and no matter how much it bothers you, how much you hate it, how much you don’t want to do it…sticking with it. Mine has been yoga. I go every morning. And most mornings I DREAD it.
But no matter what, you will eventually find something beautiful in it. And a few times, I have.

Then I heard Alanis Morisette in an interview say that she is embracing the magnificent monotony of life. That it is the way each day unfolds so similarly to the day before it that is her greatest challenge. And that finding the beauty in the laundry or the Mondays is the actual secret.

And most recently, this month Pastor Furtick started a new series called The Power of Same. He says, “We chase the new, but what we really want is the same.” What we’re looking for, despite saying we need the new iPhone 6 or the latest season of Homeland, is actually the comfort of same…if we can handle it.

I spent a very long time seeking new, seeking better, seeking different, seeking LOOK HOW HAPPY I AM! And by God I manifested it. I got what I asked for.

And I am so very tired of different. I just want some same.

I do want new experiences and fun, exciting, spontaneous joy. And I don’t want to be a control-freak about the sameness that does occur in my life, needing it to be the same but only in a certain way. I just want to feel what’s it like to know what’s coming and even DREAD what’s coming because it is so similar to yesterday…only this time with the experience of already knowing what it feels like for every day to be so painfully new that I can never stop to catch my breath.

And so, never again will I complain that today is the same as yesterday. Certainly I’ll slip up and complain about¬†the boring same old same old…but I will never forget what it feels like to be unsure and scared everyday for over a year. Just as soon as God sees fit to give me some of that SAME…I’ll take it.


10924750_10153543059414829_7441811828113481911_n-1In other news, my sweet Bella dog ran away late Friday night after chasing an animal into the woods. A kind husband and wife found her Saturday afternoon and called our phone number that Bear left on the fliers all over the neighborhood. I don’t have enough money to give them a proper reward. If you have even $2 to spare, I would love all the help I can get thank them. I want them to know how eternally grateful I am.¬†
Click here to donate. (EVEN $2!!)

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