The Ingredients (There are some “f” words in this blog)

Since we’re on the subject of pissing me off…

So, the other day I was going through the kitchen cabinets to get rid of anything I wasn’t using or didn’t need. I picked up a jar of peanut butter. Before putting it back in pantry I checked the ingredients.
“Peanuts, salt.”
Right, I thought. And that’s all it should be.

I can’t stand when something says “peanut butter” and it includes partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, high fructose corn syrup, horse hair, old buttons, and sugar…all in a container that the manufacturer labels “peanut butter.” Just because you put a label on it does NOT mean that it’s peanut butter.
And that’s kinda true with people, too. Just because you dress it all up and make it look nice doesn’t mean I have any idea what I’m looking at. Are you a sad soul? Do you experience frustration or pain or discomfort in your day to day life? Or are you actually joyfully happy and abundant? I’m not saying everyone should wear their “ingredients” on their sleeves. What I’m saying is that it’s difficult to connect to other authentic human beings when so many of them put on peanut butter when they’re actually a bunch of hydrogenated oils and high fructose mess inside.

This leads to me to the portion of the blog wherein I rant.

The non-stop, never-ending, stab-me-in-the-eye gratitude posts on Facebook.

61cd0927e40fc51968381b8acbb3f894It seems like every month there is a new campaign to post one thing or five things or a billion things they are “grateful” for. And then everyone goes on posting all these things they’re grateful for and I’m reading all of them thinking There is no way you are grateful for this many things!
Let me back up, because I know several of you are already disagreeing.
I think the gratitude campaigns are a great idea. Learning to how practice appreciating your day-to-day life is imperative, I truly believe that. But I have to ask myself when I read some of these…what’s really in the ingredients? I mean, I’m seeing the label. I’m seeing what you’re saying. But what’s truly behind the label?? Are you using your gratitude to circumvent all the things you truly FEEL? Because that won’t work, spiritually speaking. There are sometimes things you have to go back and clean up, deal with, make right before you can be so ever-grateful in the present moment (as everyone on the internet appears to be). There are issues you have to face and acknowledge, take responsibility for, and forgive others for. And MAYBE if people started sharing some of the stuff they’re pissed off about we’d be encouraging each other NOT to skip a crucial step in learning how to be grateful…and that’s learning how to be angry!!!
And then…while I’m mulling over this idea and how aggravated I felt by all the gratitude going around…I started feeling guilty. I should be more supportive of people and all their thankfulness for their door knobs and for stop lights. Maybe they really ARE grateful for all of those things and they don’t have a past they need to clean up in order to be AUTHENTICALLY grateful for their dishwashers and toe-nail clippers. 

But, the Universe delivered in a big a way.
It delivered this article by a guy I’ve never heard of:Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 7.57.39 PM
Fuck You Spiritual People For Using Gratitude As A Bypass To Your Anger

And I fist-pumped in my living room.

Can we keep expressing our gratitude, but can we also get REAL with our ingredients for a minute and express our grievances, too?
Because fuck my landlord for making it so difficult to renew my contract month-to-month.
Fuck Florida for not getting the memo that it’s WINTER TIME.
Fuck divorce because I need new Uggs and now I can’t afford them.
Fuck cable companies. Seriously. Fuck ’em.
Fuck those little-kid shopping carts at Whole Foods. THEY HAVE THOSE AT WINN DIXIE.

Could I fulfill a daily gratitude campaign? Yes. I could. But it wouldn’t stop me from being annoyed or angry or full-blown pissed off about stuff. And I think both are PERFECTLY normal and healthy. So I encourage you (maybe no on Facebook) that if you’re going to keep a gratitude journal (and I do), keep a grievance journal as well (and I do). Because I think knowing what you like AND what you dislike are both top ingredients in being an evolved and awesome human being.


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