Entitlement – A Rant

entitlement3Lately, I’ve been noticing the trait of entitlement in others more and more (which means that somewhere in me I am exercising entitlement…more on that later). I’m keenly aware that with the prominent messages out there promoting self-love, self-care, and self-concern (all of which I find really necessary) we might be forgetting that life actually requires work.

My generation has been taught that we must work hard, suffer, and sacrifice in order to earn our place in this world. Somewhere along the lines the generations before us forgot to mention that we are worthy and valuable by virtue of simply being alive. So I see a lot of folks my age and younger who decide to create the life they want without 40 years at a job they hate waiting for retirement or giving up on dreams because they had children. They realize that they are allowed to begin living the life they want NOW because everyone deserves that, and everyone can.

What it seems like my generation and the generations that follow are missing from this idea is that, while you do not have to needlessly suffer and sacrifice, you do have to put in the work. There’s no such thing as creating a vision board and sitting back on your ass waiting for it all to happen. There seems to be a disconnect between inherently deserving a good life and not being HANDED everything. It’s true when they say if something is right, it should come easy. That means the idea to become a doctor could come easy (“I always knew I’d be a doctor.”). However, it doesn’t mean you don’t have go through medical school. That means the idea to marry the person you want to marry could come easy (“I knew I was going to marry her the second I saw her.”). However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to compromise, work on yourself, and learn how to best love another person. The feeling, the intuition, the knowing should come easy. The “doing” still takes doing.

Something else we seem to be forgetting? You also have to consider OTHER PEOPLE. The “codependency” movement took hold of my generation and shook us all by the fat of our cheeks. “Don’t do things to make other people like you! Don’t be codependent! Do what’s right for you and only you!” Well, I get that too. You shouldn’t bend over backwards worrying about what other people think of you and your choices. But you should think about how your choices affect other people. You should do your best not to hurt other people in order to reach for your own dreams. And you absolutely should maintain a respect for the people around you, as they deserve to live their best lives, too.

I look at my own life and I realized this past week that I was starting to feel entitled to my Beachbody business flourishing. I mean look: I broke my leg, I survived in part because of my connection to Beachbody, I went to Vegas to meet with the trainers and speak to a room full of people. I shouldn’t have to TRY to build a business. It should just come to me now. Well, that entitlement didn’t work. I do have to try. I do have to put the work in. Just because dedicating my life now to fitness and helping others gain financial freedom feels right, it doesn’t mean the dollars will roll in all by themselves.

So I urge you to take a look at your life and decide if you might have some entitlement issues surrounding what you “deserve”. Don’t sit back and wait for your life to happen. Get up, suffer, sacrifice, struggle even! Do it for the things you love, for the people you love. WORK for it. And while you do, respect the people around you.

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