My Mom’s Potroast

Dinner: My mom’s potroast. I would give you the recipe but you wouldn’t be able to make it taste as good as she does anyway. I can’t.

The wooden spoon insisted on posing. Diva.

Ok, but seriously.
Cover the chuck in garlic salt and pepper (COVER IT). Sear it at the bottom of a pan with onions and garlic. Cover it in wine and stock. Turn it to medium and leave it for 20 min. Add in your root veggies that take the longest to cook (celery, carrots, parsnips). Leave it for an hour-hour and a half. Add in faster cooking veggies like zucchini and peas. Turn it down to low and leave it a half an hour. Serve over egg noodles or, as I do, over rice noodles (no gluten). Abe ate about half this pot.

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