The Universe Strikes Again

preview-1Earlier this month my check-engine light came on. I was due to head down to Disney (a 2-hour drive) with two INCREDIBLY generous friends who offered to host Abe and I for 2 nights in a rockin’ Cars suite, as well as tickets to some AMAZING parts of the parks. I tried to get my car in to the dealership but by the time I could even get an appointment, I would be due in Orlando for Disney Awesomeness 2014. But if I didn’t get it fixed, I couldn’t trust it to make the 2-hour trip.
I opted for a European Car Fixer Man (because I don’t know anything about cars) because he could fit me into his schedule right away. After waiting for an hour with my 3-year-old in his lobby, he told me I needed over $800 worth of work done. I panicked, I cried, I checked my bank accounts, I cried again. I left my car with European Car Fixer Man because he promised to fix it within 24-hours so I could get to Disney. I went home that afternoon and prayed to find the money.
While praying for that, I also prayed for the money I would need to pay for gas and food for Abe’s Disney trip. Bills were piling up and and income was…well…not. Feeling sorry for me yet?
Cut to – I just remembered that I haven’t yet switched my information since I got divorced. It was still attached to my old bank account, which meant I hadn’t been paying my dues or getting my monthly pay-outs from sales. I do very little as a coach for Beachbody even though I could. I don’t advertise the fact that I’m a coach. I don’t ask people to buy products. I don’t try to indoctrinate new coaches. Why? Because I hate selling. And because I hate selling, I only make a little bit of pocket cash each month from and I leave it at that, happy to get any little extra coinage in my purse. Maybe $50-$100 a month, more during the busier times of year like the holidays. It had been almost three months since we’d separated our bank accounts so when I called Beachbody, I wasn’t entirely sure they hadn’t just cancelled my account altogether.
I spoke with a lovely gentleman who helped me change over my bank accounts and pay my dues and assure me that I was still a Beachbody coach despite being 3-months delinquent. I was thrilled to learn I even had payouts over the past three months that would now be released to me! I held my breath for him to say at least $300. I waited as he calculated my earnings to give me a total. Please, lord. Please let there be at least enough to cover my trip to Disney…and maybe help me with my car?!
I’m going to cut that story short and just tell you there was enough. There was enough to go to Disney. There was enough to fix my car. And there was some left over. SOME LEFT OVER. This isn’t the first time that Beachbody has come through for me in a pinch, showing up with way more money than I anticipated. Am I selling this to you? Hell no. I’m telling you my story, a story that sometimes I need to remind myself of: I am always covered. Even when I feel like I might be out of luck, all alone on this journey, something somewhere comes through to remind me that I am always covered. I once heard Iyanla Vanzant say, “I have unwavering belief that I am covered no matter what. I stand in the middle of the universe with a heart full of trust.” For me, when I let that trust go, when I question the strength of the universe and my being safe within it, life begins to shutter. But when I trust, the universe delivers.
Of course, I had the moment of sadness as I thought about all the extra spending cash I would have had if I didn’t have to pay $800 to fix my car, but I quickly brushed that away and remembered I didn’t have to pay for it. The universe already had.
That night my friend asked me why my car would cost so much to fix. I explained how expensive the part was and how difficult Mini Coopers are to work on. He asked me, “Isn’t your car still under warranty?”
“Um, I dunno? Is it?”
“I would think it is,” he said.
Within the next 4 or 5 hours, at least 3 other people asked me if my car wasn’t in fact under warranty. So finally I took the hint from the universe and called the European Car Fixer Man to ask him.
“I don’t know,” he answered gruffly. “Look up you VIN number.”
So I did.
Guess what?
Not only was my car under warranty for the expensive part, it was under warrant for the maintenance. (I know, I know. Lesson learned.) So I took my car to the dealership and while it was getting fixed (for free) I spent $100 on a rental car instead of $800 fixing my car.
The universe strikes again.

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