Design by The Brand Alchemist!

Design by The Brand Alchemist!

A few months ago when my life became a complete and utter shit-storm, I hired a dear friend to help me design my new blog website. She did a PHENOMENAL job and I was just thrilled with the direction I was to be taking my writing, my daily connection to the world.
As wine became more comforting than blogging, sleeping more comforting than wine, and anxiety/depression finding their way to the top of the list, I let it all go. I let my blog go. I let my new website go. I stopped caring about any of it. Like many of my friends who wondered where I disappeared to, I’m sure my blog wondered why the hell I’d chosen now to abandon it.
I vowed that in January I would begin again, blogging daily and getting back in touch with my writing soul. The first week went by, and then the second. It’s not that I didn’t have things to write about. I had a back-log of things to write about. And I missed my blog. I missed it, like an old friend. But like an old friend, I felt almost embarrassed, uncomfortable approaching it again after having disappeared for so long. And the longer I waited, the more awkward our reunion would be. So, like any card-carrying depressive divorcé, I put it off even longer.
As my entire life has now changed (more on that later!), I have a new employer and this week we launched our very first offering to the general public. It has been a complete smash hit, a true soul-deep look into what truly drives a brand and a business. Today, a recipient of the program gushed that she was finally forced to confront the fact that she refused to share anything unless it was done, complete, perfect thanks to our offering. She half-wrote songs, partly-cleaned her room. None of it was finished and so none of it was share-able. And so the world went without knowing her talent for way too long. So when she realized that it was time to begin sharing her gifts despite them being exactly the way she wanted them to be, a whole host of possibilities opened up to her. She began by sharing a song she wrote, claiming it was only “partly finished”, and then hash-tagging it – #shareanyway. Of course, we all cried when we listened and couldn’t understand why she would deprive the world for even a second of her voice just because the last verse was incomplete.
That’s when it hit me. I’ve been waiting to share myself with my blog and the world until I’d redesigned it, had a new domain name up and running, and until I, myself, was back to my “usual” self. Well, it’ll be months before I can invest in a new site and damn if I even know if I’ll ever be my “usual” self again. There’s no use waiting. My website isn’t what I want it to be yet and my personal healing isn’t finished. But guess what? I’m going to #shareanyway.
What are you sitting on, waiting for it to be “perfect” or “finished” before you share it with the world? Take a leap. Put it out there. #shareanyway

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