Cleaning my Body – Days 4 & 5

The past 2 days have actually been good. I’ve been drinking my juice, eating my steamed vegetables and nuts, and all the supplements the doctor ordered. Wednesday was definitely the worst.

My husband, on the other hand, had a BAD day today. He missed food so much today that he wandered around aimlessly getting nothing done and then came home to tell me all the work he had to do this weekend. I referred him to Wednesday’s blog. I get it.

This week I discovered a television show called The Chew on ABC. Have you seen this show? It’s like the food network, but better. I actually think I’d enjoy virtually all of their recipes, and they post them on their website after the show is over. I already have a recipe folder on my desktop with all the things we’re going to eat next week. Spinach and steak salad with a bacon vinaigrette? Yes please.

This has caused me to reflect on why I’m doing this. I mean, to eat like a victim of some steamed vegetable tyranny for an entire week seems pointless if you follow it up with a ribeye and cheese-drizzled potato fries. But there really is a point to all the torture (and I might not go STRAIGHT for the bacon). After I found out I had PCOS, the mainstream docs all told me there is no cure, no way for me to balance my hormones without the use of hormone replacements or birth control pills or SOMETHING. Essentially, I’ll never be a normal girl. But when I talked to my nutritionist, he didn’t seem to feel like that has to be the case. And if I wipe my body clean of all the junk for a week and we examine how I react to certain foods and other natural supplements, there’s a good chance that within 4-6 months I could have my body back under control all without chemicals. I could even be fertile on my own. I mean, I’m not sure how long you and I have been friends but if you know anything about me it’s that it took a lot of nurses, doctors, syringes, and fertility gods to get me pregnant. And I love my kid, but I don’t want to do all of that again. So I’ll keep you updated on how this little self-discovery goes. Now I’m off to have my macadamia nuts and a good round of Angry Birds.

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