Cleaning my Body – Day 2

I made it through the first day. Hardest part, right?? By the way, someone could have notified me that I was  joining the YMCA the week of my cleanse. This was not smart.

7:45am – Wake up late because Abe slept in. Coffee. Where is the coffee? I HATE GREEN TEA.

9:00am – Make a BIG smoothie of spinach, berries, lemon, and mint. LOTS of spinach. It’s good. Sipping on it all morning. And having some nuts and seeds for good measure.

11:00am – Already finished with my huge smoothie and I kinda want a burger. Contemplating sneaking out to Five Guys.

12:00pm – Husband is working from home today; caught me trying to sneak to Five Guys. Having Hippy Soup, which is what I now call it.

2:00pm – Talked to the nutritionist. He tells me not to eat too much fruit but that I can have avocados, chic peas, and SALT. IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. I am now salting everything. I just salted my hand.

5:00pm – Abe wants dinner. I make him a hotdog, some peas, and a little pasta. Avocado for dessert. Abe’s dinner is better than mine.

6:00pm – I’m so tired I could take a nap. I lie on the floor with Abe and fall asleep for 10 minutes before David wakes me up and reminds me I have Bosu Abs at the Y.

6:45pm – Have you ever tried to complete a Bosu Abs class 1 year post baby while “cleansing”? I just rolled around on the floor unless the instructor was looking and then I made a pained face and pretended to do the work. I have no abs left. What do you want from me? And now I want a Snickers.

8:00pm – Amazing dinner, believe it or not. Fresh campata tomatoes with avocado and parsley. Squash, beets, green beans, and mushrooms all steamed in garlicky water. Now where did I put my ribeye…



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