Men are Interesting

Me: I need to run to Target this morning. I went yesterday afternoon and after I got all packed up, got my list and my gift card, drove there, unloaded Abe and the fan I wanted to return, I finally got inside and realized I left the gift card and the receipt for the fan on the counter. Argh!! They ended up letting me return the fan because I had the credit card I used with me, thankfully. So I want to run back with the gift card to finish getting everything on my list.

Husband: Ok, babe. Sounds good!

One Hour Later.

Me: Alright, I’m running to Target.

Husband: You are?

Me: Yeah. Remember? I told you…

Husband: Oh right. Ok! Great. Good luck returning everything.

Me: What?

Husband: Returning the stuff you bought yesterday. All that stuff.

Me: Ok. Thanks.

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