You say Frittata…

Since I’ve got a new site here I decided it would be fun to share more of my life, not just the infertility/pregnancy/labor/raising a kid side.

So I made a frittata for dinner. Such an easy dinner to make when I’m almost out of food and need something hearty. All this was in my fridge/pantry:

pine nuts
marinated jarred artichoke hearts
3 gigantic olives
a cup of leftover spaghetti sauce from last night
a bag of arugula
a small wedge of feta cheese
some whole wheat spaghetti
a dozen eggs

I warmed up the pine nuts in an oven safe pan and threw everything else in once they started to brown. I tossed it altogether with a little (maybe 3 tablespoons) of the pasta water. Then I whipped 7 eggs (because I lied in the ingredients list up there, turns out I only had 7) and poured them over the entire thing. I left it on low for about 5 minutes until the eggs started to cook around the edges.

Then I popped it under the broiler for about 5 minutes on low. During that broiler part I taught my son how to high-five. That was awesome.

And when it came out, it looked like this:


I took this with my phone. I'm no Pioneer Woman, but it will do.

And dinner was awesome. 🙂

Use this idea anytime you have lots of weird ingredients and a bunch of eggs!

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