Carnival Cruise Moments

Louie CK (a comedian) does this great bit about how the walk from the back door of your car to the driver’s door after you put your kids in is like a Carnival cruise for parents. Just those few moments of silence and aloneness can often be the softest solace moms and dads get all day long. 

Here’s a bit he did about his daughter “telling secrets” if you want to get to know him. Warning, profanity and otherwise inappropriate behavior:

I started thinking about my other Carnival cruise moments throughout the day so that I could look forward to them and relish them when they arrive.

  • The first 5 minutes of shower time or bath time. He is so engaged and happy about the water and the activities that he completely forgets to scream his face off.
  • Anytime he eats a popsicle. I make my own so they’re nice and crunchy and they take him a while to eat. Granted we have to sit outside because they’re so messy, but still. Quiet.
  • The first 5 minutes of any show. Thomas the Train, Super Why, Elmo…he is TOTALLY in to it for the first 5 minutes and I can walk away and think about all those times I hated his infancy.
  • In the car, with a snack, and a water, and an iPad. He can be quiet for up to 20 minutes. I can listen to NPR or Justin Bieber or whatever my heart desires.
  • When I read him books. Of course, this means I can’t be unloading the dishwasher or folding the underwear (I don’t fold the underwear) but it is quiet and peaceful.
  • If he remembers about an old toy he hasn’t played with in a while, he’ll play with it for a half an hour. Carnival. Cruise.

If anyone has any Carnival cruise tricks, let me know. I’m looking to beef up my list. Also, if you have spare tickets for a Carnival cruise and a free babysitter, let me know that, too.

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