My Baby Does Stuff

Knowing that Abe’s second birthday is coming up, just about everything people say to me makes me nostalgic. A friend of mine recently said to me that she was jealous I’d gone through pregnancy and (nearly) the first two years of my child’s life already.
Holy crap. That’s true. I did it. I so vividly remember sitting and staring at my friends whose babies were talking and walking and feeding themselves thinking you bitches and your babies that do stuff.
And now I’m the bitch with the baby that does stuff.
Today Abe walked into the kitchen shouting, “More! More! More!” He was frantic. It was close to a panic attack.
“More what, baby?”
Abe pointed to the pantry and started marching rapidly in place. “More! More! More!”
“You want a snack?”
“Ok. Well what do you want? Do you want Veggie Booty?”
“Do you want a cereal bar?”
“No! More! NO NO!”
“Do you want Goldfish?”
Abe grinned at me like I’d asked him out on a first date. He coyly raised his pointer finger with his shoulder digging meaningfully into his cheek and declared, “Fsh.” Then he walked into the living room with his bowl full of Goldfish and ate it while playing with his caws.
Do you realize I just had a conversation with my child? That we do that now? I have the ability to find out what he wants and then give it to him. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THIS?? (If you don’t have kids, just smile and act like it’s cool. BECAUSE IT FREAKING IS.)
And on an unrelated note, my husband bought me one of those Keurig automatic coffee machines and now I drink way too much coffee. But what I really want is this: The Top Brewer. Can you imagine? I WOULD NEVER SLEEP. I would just sit next to it and talk to it about how beautiful it is and then ask for a latte with my finger.

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  1. MaryBeth Antoinette
    June 22, 2012 at 1:36 pm (7 years ago)

    I just love you


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