Spending Freeze

I got completely annoyed last week when I grocery shopped at Whole Paycheck and paid $5 for a package of organic popsicles as a treat for Abe. Enough to  deter me from buying them? No. But I acted completely aggravated while Abe ate them and reminded him that if we couldn’t afford college, this was why.
Walked into the Target cheapie section near the front of the store later and decided on two or three hundred things I should buy (because, hey, it’s $1) when I came across a popsicle mold. Flashback to Whole Paycheck, flashforward to $1 popsicle mold.
It’s on.
I get the big bags of organic berries from Costco everytime I go. Frozen bananas are a staple in our freezer. And we still have coconut oil leftover from the GALLON my husband ordered. (I’d say it’s time for me to stop rubbing it in considering the amount of times I’ve referenced it due to it’s endless uses and bargain price, no?) I tossed it all in the blender and added some flax seed because I could and he would never know. Water and blend.
I made about 2 cups worth, which was enough to fill all 8 of the popsicle molds with a little leftover for Abe to drink.
But he wouldn’t drink it.
I prepared myself for all of my work and thoughtful money-saving work down the tubes.
The next day I ran a little warm water over one of the molds and removed it in one piece. First step, success.
Frankly I was satisfied with the fact that I’d even made popsicles, but then I gave it to my kid. It was the greatest day of his life. He wanted to stand, sit, and be everywhere he could while eating this popsicle. And he ate the whole thing. He kissed it. He told it goodbye when it was gone. It was a beautiful love story. Does he know he ate flax seeds? No. Coconut oil? Not a clue. Next time I’m adding spinach and brussel sprouts.

Warning: Only give them popsicles outside and without white pants on. Or without pants on.

Try not to focus on his huge head. And don't write me to tell me you think he has craniosynostosis. He doesn't.

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