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Lego Pieces

I’ve been writing a TON of blogs in my head. Have you been reading them?



“Mom? Pleeeease help me find this lego piece. I need it for my helicopter.”
I got out a flashlight and started scoping out the carpet and squinting my way under the couch, finding things I specifically put under there so I wouldn’t have to LOOK at them.
“I don’t see it, honey.”
Abe spend the next 10 minutes pacing the floor, looking under things he’d looked under before and finally peeling through box after box of extra lego pieces for the one he needed.
“What, son…”
“I cannot find the piece ANYWHERE!”
“Stop looking for that one little piece. You have all the rest of the pieces, don’t you? You’re letting one little piece keep you from building the whole helicopter. Let go of the piece and move on.”
And suddenly…I had another blog in my head.
I’ve caught SO many “little pieces” these past few months, both in my lives and in the lives of others. There’s one little thing that is keeping them from happiness or greatness or perfection.

If only my husband didn’t do that, our marriage would be perfect.
If only I made a little more money, we could afford it.
If only I had 30 minutes a day to myself, I would meditate FOR SURE.

We hold on to one. little. missing. piece and we forgo the whole helicopter. We fail to look at ALL the pieces that are working. My husband works his butt off for my future and has an insatiable need to touch me and would choose an evening with me over an evening with ALMOST anyone else in the world…so do I really want to focus on the fact that the trash has been overflowing for 3 days?
Nope. I really don’t.
What’s the “little piece” you’ve been holding on to? The one you HAVE to find in order to complete your helicopter? And what in the world would happen if you just went on without it? Because that thing, that one thing you think you need is just a placeholder. As soon as you have it, you’ll find one OTHER little thing you need. And you’ll rob yourself of a lifetime of happiness continuing to search for these missing pieces that you could just live without.

“I FOUND IT! It was RIGHT here all along! Like, right UNDER my HELICOPTER!!!”
“Well, hallelujah.”
“Now, where is the red piece that goes on the back?!”

We’re all missing pieces and parts. Stop looking for it and move on. You may find it. You may not. Either way you can still be happy.

P.S. He finished the entire helicopter with all of the pieces entirely by himself. But it was bedtime by the time he could play with it. If only he had 10 more minutes…