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About a year and a half ago, I endured one of the most difficult time periods of my life. The week Bear and I got married, he was laid off. He also decided he wanted to start his own business in the construction field (a field he’d worked in for 18 years).
His business began in our living room over the summer. While both boys were home, and I struggled to make the mortgage and ALL the other expenses using just the money I made and our savings, he sat on the couch for 3 months with a laptop we paid for with a credit card. He wrote emails, bid jobs, create and built relationships, and set up lunch meetings with suppliers. On the days that he left the house, I’d stare at the coffee table covered in notepads and pens and pencils and cry.
Well, because when one loses a loved one or gets divorced, people show up. They bring food and comfort and love to you and cuddle you up in all their kindness to help you feel seen and understood.
When one sits on the edge of losing everything…well, there’s not really a protocol for that. They don’t send checks. They don’t bring cash over. They don’t cuddle you up in their savings accounts. They can’t, and even if they could, it would feel very strange both offering and accepting wire transfers from friends with notes like, “Good luck on the business, hope you don’t lose your house!!”

And so, we sat in what felt like a horrible, lonely, broke bubble for months while he got his business up and running, with no guarantee that it would ever make money.

Except that Bear always guarenteed that it would.
In fact, he never second-guessed his choice to go into business for himself.

It was during this time that I started focusing on prayer and manifestation. I had this idea that if I prayed and I focused and I visualized enough, our woes would come to an end, our bills would be paid, and our life would be comfortable again. Of course, we did not miss a meal and we were never late on a single payment, so it’s possible to say that my little manifestation project worked.

Except that while I was busy manifesting, Bear was busy on that grind.

His very first job started three months after he opened the business and on that faithful Monday morning it was over 100 degrees outside…and Bear woke up with the flu. Being that he was his only employee, he had no choice but to get out there and snot his way through it. He completed the job over the course of three, awful days (luckily the job was at a drug store so he could just walk inside and buy more medicine) and about 45 days later we received our first check. The first slice of income.
But during those 45 days, Bear landed his second, third, and fourth jobs…

And as the jobs rolled in, he rolled out. Everyday. Building. Working. Talking. Shmoozing. In the field. On the laptop. On the phone. He never stopped grinding.

It has come to my attention in the past few weeks that my manifestation project is lovely, but utterly worthless without a grind. You have to have both, faith and movement. One foot in front of the other does nothing without an ultimate goal, and a beautiful vision board is meaningless if you sit at home staring at it while you sip tea and wait on Oprah to call. (That last part may not apply you, but I definitely want Oprah to call.) So I’m taking steps with all those beautiful dreams in mind. And soon, I’ll be able to make some kinda stinking awesome announcements about where my steps are leading me. The Universe and I are singing an amazing duet of “When I move you move (just like that?).” It’s so amazing what happens when you focus, get clear on your dream, and then MOVE.

By the way, Bear’s business is successful beyond even what HE imagined it would be. He’s still grinding every single day, out there, and he’s still dreaming about how much bigger it can be…

How my Boss and I Fell in Love

cd38522efa56d85a2a72bd6ff20bbef9One of my AWESOME clients asked how my boss and I found each other. As I started to explain the technical process we went through, as in the actual steps, I realized that wasn’t really the story. I mean yes. played a big hand in us coming together, but there was so much more to it. When Cerries and I “met” (pronounced Care-ess), it was abundantly clear that we were meant to be.

When someone asks me what I do, I usually talk for about 5 sentences before they stare blankly at me and nod as if they’ve ANY clue what I’ve just said.
1. A writer.
2. An assistant.
3. A high-level customer service agent.
4. A personal business consultant.
5. A spiritual explorer.
6. A researcher.
7. Anything else my Cerries asks me to do.
8. The boss.
9. A social networker.
10. Weird other stuff.
Yesterday I sort of distilled it down to Organizational Joyologist. That’s kind of close, but it still doesn’t cover it. That’s because as soon as Cerries hired me, she gave me immense trust. She handed me any and every task she could think of because she figured if she was hiring someone to help her, she was going to throw them in head first. All the way in. That even included being “in charge of the Kingdom” on the days she chose to spend with her family. Because we clicked immediately and she handed me the keys to her most prized business venture, the one that held ALL the marbles, I felt some serious responsibility.

I worked my butt of from day one and, it seemed, the harder I worked the more Cerries told me to “relax” and “you don’t have to do that” in a forgiving British accent. I soon realized that much of my past work was completed in a constant state of “Am I Good Enough Yet?” Trying to get my work done early, over-communicating, panicking when I miss something…Cerries was telling me from the start, “You’re good enough. I wouldn’t have hired you if you weren’t good enough.”

So yeah, the trust was there from the get-go.

The money was not.

Cerries promised to pay me what she could and more WHEN she could, I promised to work hard in order to contribute to the earnings. As we locked ourselves together into the common goal of creating a business that was infinitely helpful, deeply soulful, and financially successful, we both just decided the money would come and we would both be fine.

And so far, that’s always been true.

On a daily basis, we Skype-chat when I first wake up (which is usually about 1pm in Wales). I get any major updates (“We got a huge twitter shout-out from…!!!” or “You are not going to believe who emailed me this morning…”) and pressing assignments. By the time I’m home from dropping off Abraham at school and drinking my second cup of coffee, just before her tea time, we usually do a Skype call wherein one or both of us are still in our pajamas. We discuss ideas, plans for the day, and any emails that neither of us want to deal with. Usually towards the end of the call Cerries tells me she is going to completely change something on The Brand Alchemist home page or entirely redesign a part of The Alchemy Study, to which I reply, “Ok. Sounds right.” (Cerries often updates and improves her products, and it’s just mostly on days when something else URGENTLY needs to be done…which means more gets added to my list.) She thanks me for understanding, I thank her for the job, and we both go on about our days.

Neither of has any idea how this will all go. We’ve got plans and schedules and projections (and prayers), but we just don’t know the ending. For now, I’ve found myself in the perfect job with the perfect person in the perfect role. We knew from the first moment that we could trust each other and work together. So I guess the business lesson is: if there is ANY doubt about a business partner, choose another partner; because when there IS no doubt, the possibilities remain endless and without interpersonal roadblocks.